How To Advertise Your Job

We are currently partnered with over 100 UK based job boards. From industry specific to huge sites with national advertising campaigns such as Monster and Total Jobs. Our aim is to create and post keyword rich, informative job descriptions which are guaranteed to not only rank high on the job sites, but to attract the best talent the UK has to offer. We personalise each ad posted by selecting over 50 relevant job sites to advertise your job on. Tak a look at a more detailed list of Job Board Advertisers.

The minimum amount of time our ads run for is 28 days with optional candidate filtering included in each package. We also include a minimum candidate application guarantee with each package. This means if we don't supply at least 10 quality candidates, we post the ads across the same sites again, for free

 Trying to advertise your job online can be a difficult process. With over 10 years experience as recruiters, our directors decided to try and change the way companies recruit by charging for ads, not candidates. Here's how it works;

Step 1
Select a package & upload your job description.
If you don't have a job description, let us know by emailing or call us on 0161 298 1161 & we'll create one for you, it's free
Step 2
We begin building your ad campaign across our job board & social media networks.
We advertise your job across over 50 General, Industry Specific, national, specialist & news publication sites. For a minimum of 28 days.
Step 3
Choose Filtered or Unfiltered Candidates.
You can choose to have no involvement from us and have the CVs come direct to you, or let us filter the candidates based on your criteria before you receive them.
Step 4
Congratulate yourself, you've just saved money!
We give you the service of a recruitment company & we're cheaper than going to all the job sites direct. My Job Post was built by recruiters who wanted to make a change.

Fast Job Posting, With No Scrabble

Once you open account with us, you can post future jobs instantaneously with zero forms. Simply email or upload your job description to our site. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround by focusing on getting adverts out as soon as possible, meaning candidates start applying quicker and interviews get booked sooner.

By shortening the amount of time between candidate application and employer response we have seen a dramatic drop in candidate drop offs. This is because candidates apply for on average of 3-5 roles per job search, so its imperative to make the first impression.You will be notified via email as soon as someone applies for your vacancy. Including a candidates full CV, cover letter and contact email & telephone. number.

We don't just place adverts. It's part of the agreement for our recruiters to actively search for candidates online. By looking for candidates in the same way an agency would, plus posting on the same sites allows any employer to access to best talent available without breaking the bank. We simply charge for the advertising space, that's it.