Inside The Mind Of a Candidate

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LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, with currently over 433 million users. Recently a survey of over 12,000 employed regular users was conducted to try to peek inside the mind of a candidate. The news comes as UK employment is currently sitting at its lowest point for 42 years. Below are some key facts extracted from … Read More

The Most Entrepreneurial City In The UK?

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To find out which city is the most entrepreneurial, Instant Offices a specialist in office space rental trawled through endless companies house data. Coupled with an estimate of population & growth of local businesses over the last 12 months. According to the global entrepreneurship index, the United Kingdom ranks 8th out of 137 in the world. Putting us … Read More

Recruiting Job Candidates, 5 Easy Ways

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The way companies are recruiting job candidates has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. With easier access to people thanks to social media, bigger job boards, faster technology and more employers turning to the internet to recruit.  The pulling power from a job website is immense for candidates, with email & app notifications plus endless websites to … Read More

Theatre Sparks Outrage With Anti Millennial Job Advert

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An online discussion has erupted after The London Tea House Theatre posted a disturbing anti millennial job advert. Taking a swipe at our younger generation. The vacant position ( which is still open ) is for a Full Time Office Administrator. With a salary range from £15,000 – £20,000. The opening line stated “Dear millennials” expressing their discontent … Read More

Positivity In The Workplace

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by Rebecca Wheeler It’s common sense to want to employ people who want to work for you, as equally it’s common sense to apply for jobs you as an employee want to do. So why isn’t the power of positive reinforcement taking off in every company already?  If  all companies actively made their workplace one that staff want … Read More

Can UK Businesses Adapt To a Technology Shift?

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Acording to a leading business group, competition in the technology sector is really starting to heat up, as more and more companies have started investing in technology based assets for their businesses. A recent survey by the CBI (Confederation of British industry) concluded almost half of all UK businesses said they feel technology would fundamentally shift the way … Read More

Brexit 2017, Is Unemployment Falling?

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The House of Commons has finally voted on and passed the historic bill regarding the triggering of article 50. After an astonishing 17 hours of debate the bill passed with 498 votes to 114, and the Prime Minister has confirmed that exit negotiations are to begin in earnest by the end of March. Following the immediate doom and … Read More

Facebook Job Advertising, a New Platform To Connect

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In the last couple of days, Facebook Job advertising became a reality, the announcement of a simple new online job posting platform Facebook Jobs designed to initially target the USA and Canada, everyday users can now easily see job alerts on their news feeds and information as to when a company is hiring. Facebook has developed a finely tuned demographics … Read More

Why Job Boards are Recruitment Gold Mines

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To find out why job boards are so successful, we first have to look at the people who use them. Unique one time job postings made up over 50% of all adverts posted on job boards in 2015, independent UK businesses of all sizes are successfully finding candidates using the internet. With easily over 1000 websites dedicated solely … Read More

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