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Facebook Job Advertising, a New Platform To Connect

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In the last couple of days, Facebook Job advertising became a reality, the announcement of a simple new online job posting platform Facebook Jobs designed to initially target the USA and Canada, everyday users can now easily see job alerts on their news feeds and information as to when a company is hiring. Facebook has developed a finely tuned demographics system which has been constantly serving us ads based on our browsing habits for the last few years anyway, so why not introduce a new platform which represents a place for employers and candidates to connect?

A recent study by fortune.com following the release of Facebook’s Job Advertising platform, concluded users we’re generally unhappy with intertwining their professional & personal lives online. If you were to apply for a job on Facebook for example, could you guarantee 100% every single piece of content on your page is appropriate for an employer to see? I’m sure over 50% of peoples’ profile pictures wouldn’t be interview appropriate, but that’s not a reflection of all of us as bad people, it’s just the first thing any prospecting employer would see. There is an option to edit the populated information, but it would mean a lot of cleaning out the closet for the more persistent Facebook user. We all loved Facebook way before anybody had any idea of the impact it was going to have on our lives. We already have LinkedIn for our professional lives, so is this going to be the start of us all having only one persona, as strange as that may sound.

Facebook Geared Towards the “Business User”

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Late 2016, Facebook launched Workplace, a system designed for internal contact within a business offering live video, news feeds and a secure live chat. Since their inception, Workplace is now boasting customers such as booking.com, Oxfam and RBS, exponential growth is foretasted for Workplace in 2017. Along with Facebook jobs, this is seen as a big move by the social media giant, having seen the potential of using an online agency to handle job advertising.

1.86 billion active monthly users are scrolling down on their Facebook news feeds, it seems only logical that this prime advertising space is utilized, it could go as far as combining postings from the job boards themselves, making access to up to date job vacancy information easier. The problem is the age old British saying “isn’t anything sacred” how many of those 1.86 billion are looking for work, or even list their job title as it is an optional feature on Facebook.


How Does Facebook Job Advertising Work?

Prospecting employers can easily use facebook job advertising to post unlimited jobs to their pages for free, candidates will see those jobs based on predetermined criteria & candidates can “apply” using their Facebook profile information, similar to auto-fill. Once a candidate has expressed their interest, employers are sent the application & the two can then speak via messenger.

Facebook has seen many shifts over the last couple of years, many communities have their own local posting pages, for sale and swap pages where users interact with each other, selling almost anything, posting lost pets, which all need daily maintenance from admins. It isn’t like employers haven’t been posting jobs on their pages anyway. This is just another tool similar to he group selling features which will see a something for everybody approach based on the things we are already doing online.

Taking a look at the competition LinkedIn who have almost 500 million monthly active users, this could suggest a job posting service could appeal to a large portion of Facebook’s user base as most of LinkedIn users also have a Facebook account.



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