Does Glassdoor Provide a True Employee Insight?
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Does Glassdoor Provide a True Employee Insight?

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by Rebecca Wheeler

With more than 41 million unique users every month. Glassdoor employee insight is shaping up as an online heavyweight in terms of providing a transparent review system online. But how easy is it to comment on a company, when you have never even been to an interview?

Glassdoor is an online platform based on the same model as Trustpilot. Instead of customers being able to express their opinions about a company, it’s now the turn of employees to have their say.

Due to the relatively easy signup process for Glassdoor. When you open an account, an “employee” can write about their experiences or time spent at a company to give others a true insight as to what it’s like to work there. In the most part this has been extremely successful for companies such as; Expedia, ARM and Home Serve UK who all recently came 1st 2nd and 3rd in Glassdoors. “Best places to work UK” 2017 review ranking system.

How Are Employees/Interviewees Verified By Glassdoor?

The issue with ease of access is watered down verification. to leave a review as a “current” employee you must enter a company email address, and verify via email link to make sure the person leaving a “current employee” review is real.  To write as a previous employee or as an interviewee, there is no company email requirement, only a few personal questions. This leaves the door is open for anybody to make a claim about a company which could be false or untrue.

In a recent podcast with Ben Martinez. He spoke of how a candidate turned up late for an interview then turned down for the job opportunity. Later that day Ben received an email notification from Glassdoor stating a “former employee” had left a review. In the review it claimed the company had draconian policies. Coupled awith one ten minute break throughout the day and a racist management team. The post was swiftly taken down by Glassdoor after some pestering from Ben because of it’s extreme nature. It still it goes to show that somebody with an axe to grind, definitely has a place to do it in 2017. Listen to the full podcast on Soundcloud Here

best places to work glassdoor 2017

Glassdoor Best UK Places to Work,

In 2017

Expedia currently has over 2100 unique reviews about their employee experiences.

Employees and interviewees describe Expedia as a fast growing, dynamic environment where flexibility is key. There you will find policies on; Holiday pay working from home and all of the perks generally associated with the majority of the reviews from employees from a software/tech environment.

The truth is some industries require a higher or different demand from their respective employees than others. Where one member of the team might feel your company is the greatest place on earth to work for. Somebody else might disagree.

The key to Glassdoors success in the market is transparency. As we fall deeper into technology and automation. Companies are having to prove they are operating under ethical standards. Meaning sites like Glassdoor are the first to allow employees to express their thoughts on what it is really like to work there.

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