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Inside The Mind Of a Candidate

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LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, with currently over 433 million users. Recently a survey of over 12,000 employed regular users was conducted to try to peek inside the mind of a candidate. The news comes as UK employment is currently sitting at its lowest point for 42 years. Below are some key facts extracted from the report & overall results.

What is most important to a candidate when making first contact with a new company?

9 out of 10 said they feel more details about the job itself is the most important thing to discuss during first contact. This was the most popular next to salary range with 7 out of 10. More interestingly 60% of people said they knew nothing at all about their current employer before becoming employed there.

Candidates as much as employers are always looking for the perfect match, with over 85% of employees saying they would consider a new vacancy if one was proposed. It seems like the employed are always secretly looking for jobs but know very little about prospecting employers especially when jobs are not advertised widely enough. On the flip side, the number one motivation for an employed professional to look for a new job is better salary.

Where do Candidates go to get information about a hiring company?

As expected a company website is the most popular place for candidates to look for information next to LinkedIn followed by social media & search engines. Candidates are very eager to learn as much as possible about a company but usually very little resources are dedicated to educating prospective candidates online. Brands are usually geared towards consumers, whereas candidates want to know what goes on behind the curtains.

Social media can be a great way to let the world know what it's like to work for your business and shows a true perspective for customers too. 

A lot of businesses have a downloadable interview guide for candidates which provides all of the information needed to successfully complete an interview. A pack allows a business to really engage with candidates on a personal level, forgetting all the patter for the customers while focusing on company ethics & what is expected both mentally and physically on a day to day basis while working there.

A candidate who is well versed on the company is a better candidate to interview. Really coming to grips with what both sides want is important too.

What is a key factor to you staying with your current employer?

Of those surveyed, over 60% said they feel like advancement opportunities are the most important reasons for staying in their current role. Most companies have intentions to grow and become better versions of themselves, this can only happen when the people who work there are doing the same thing. Not every job can include creative flair with no monotony whatsoever, but by being more open about advancement opportunities at interview stage can really help a candidate understand the company.

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