Why Job Boards are Recruitment Gold Mines
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Why Job Boards are Recruitment Gold Mines

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To find out why job boards are so successful, we first have to look at the people who use them. Unique one time job postings made up over 50% of all adverts posted on job boards in 2015, independent UK businesses of all sizes are successfully finding candidates using the internet. With easily over 1000 websites dedicated solely to posting vacancies, there really is more choice than ever online.

The other 50% of jobs posted online consists of companies with more than 10 employees, repeat posts, advertising agencies & recruiters. The number 1 source for candidates actively seeking employment is online, a much simpler platform to connect job seekers to employers and more importantly a better chance for skilled people to connect & share information in a mutual environment.

Most Recruitment agencies are using Job Boards

Nowadays candidates upload CV’s to multiple sites, update their LinkedIn, Subscribe to e-mail job threads & always stay up to date with their favourite job boards. Recruitment agencies & pretty much everybody involved in the placement of people into employment, use job boards as a proven successful tool to find candidates. Almost 90% of agencies successfully post their customers vacancies on job boards & when executed correctly, the range of talent available in the UK really is incredible.

To guarantee a close match, a mix of general and niche job boards must be used to get the best scope of people available for new employment. Some general job boards literally cover everything but it comes at a price, smaller niche sites can be cheaper but it really works on a site to site basis with each one changing in a similar way to supermarkets, with seasonal offers and competitive changing of pricing. Although all of our “products” and “services” may seem different, all agencies / job board goals are all the same, to help people find jobs they enjoy.

Where do candidates look for Jobs?

Some candidates will swear by one or two job boards, usually the ones highest in the public eye who have catchy television ad campaigns & are publicly known as reputable such as Total Jobs, Monster, CV Library & Jobsite.

Combined with niche job boards like Career Cast who specialise in construction jobs & social media, we pretty much have the whole employment industry contained within these sites, all trading online.

Candidates are definitely there looking for jobs, on their dinner breaks or sat at home using a range of devices browsing the internet using all sorts of apps and interactive sites. With new ever more creative ways of notifying people, it’s easier to know faster when a local company is hiring. Signing up to a job board & filling in a profile guarantees at least one thing, a steady stream of job notifications sent to the people who want to know about them.


The recruitment market we all operate in can portray a different view of itself depending on the type of job you are hiring /recruiting for.  At any one point there can be a lack of candidates, an abundance of jobs, lack of jobs abundance of candidates, you get the idea. The best way to combat the issue is to let as many candidates as possible know you are hiring, it’s the only solution because people shift with trends and websites which have the largest amount of “people data” generally do the best.

If you are in search of candidates then the job boards are the best place to go, it’s about refining the process now to reach out to more candidates quicker than once human can fill out endless forms. Being placed on many job boards is a sure fire way to generate candidates. At My Job Post we can take your job advert and target the most relevant job boards over the internet with our large network, you can be sure to find numerous, high quality potential applicants. Take a look at some of our examples we post on here.

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