Theatre Sparks Outrage With Anti Millennial Job Advert
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Theatre Sparks Outrage With Anti Millennial Job Advert

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An online discussion has erupted after The London Tea House Theatre posted a disturbing anti millennial job advert. Taking a swipe at our younger generation.

The vacant position ( which is still open ) is for a Full Time Office Administrator. With a salary range from £15,000 - £20,000. The opening line stated "Dear millennials" expressing their discontent with having to find another candidate for this position after the last three had left in as many months.

The advert goes on to mention the countless hardships which the theatre has endured over the years. While mentioning our younger generation as people who are taught nothing about living in a real world. The ad also goes on to ask if millennials know that the end of studies signify the beginning of education. Pretty harsh words to be fair which seems to be a personal opinion of the poster, disgruntled by the fact three young employees had left their organisation within the last three months.

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This wasn't all she wrote unfortunately. The ad goes on to state that an old lady using an old ibm used to run the whole theatre by herself, so surely it couldn't be that hard.

All of us as employers know what it's like to invest time & resources finding new candidates for our companies. Granted it's very frustrating to invest in staff who then quickly leave the company within a week. I guess those guys have never experienced a sales floor before, some sales firms have a revolving door policy on most of their vacancies. Creating an anti millennial job advert will never help, here's the rest;

100% of businesses have some form of hardship. Unfortunately candidates do leave companies within a few weeks of starting. Usually the vetting process is the first place to look to ensure candidate quality remains high. These things happen, candidates slip through the net but creating a very public display of dissatisfaction will not go unnoticed, especially on Twitter.


Here's the response;


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