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The Most Entrepreneurial City In The UK?

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To find out which city is the most entrepreneurial, Instant Offices a specialist in office space rental trawled through endless companies house data. Coupled with an estimate of population & growth of local businesses over the last 12 months.

According to the global entrepreneurship index, the United Kingdom ranks 8th out of 137 in the world. Putting us firmly in the top 10 places in the world to start a business. When i first heard of the recent analysis by instant offices, my initial thought was London is taking the top spot easily. With the most millionaires per square mile in the world, London seems to be the most obvious choice for the most entrepreneurial city, especially in the financial and tech sectors.

Unfortunately, according to the results London came in 12th despite winning the European digital city index for a second time in as many years. This accolade is awarded to areas who produce new businesses, contributing significantly within the digital & technology sectors. The EDCI base their information on European countries only.

Below are the results collected from Instant Offices in 2017;

The Top 15 Entrepreneurial Cities in The UK
 1. Brighton9. Cardiff
2. Manchester10. Edinburgh
3. Nottingham11. Glasgow
4. Leicester12. London
5. Newcastle13. Liverpool
6. Coventry14. Leeds
7. Birmingham15. Belfast
8. Bristol 

The chief of marketing over at Instant Offices had a say on why he thinks Brighton came 1st. The south coast of England is a very attractive place for entrepreneurs, offering a different feel to the everyday corporate London. Tech people especially prefer a much more casual approach, with more of a focus on creativity and productivity. Two things which are heavily driven by new ideas and suppressed by stress.

Instant Offices have also reported a huge soar in the sale and rental of office space in Brighton recently.

Most entrepreneurial city UKOverall in 2016, a record number of UK businesses were newly incorporated, a number which is set to only rise again once results are drawn up in 2017. Surprisingly the area with the most new businesses registered last year was Birmingham, coming in with a total of 17,473 incorporation's.

For the fourth year in a row Birmingham has by far had the most new incorporation's. However with 8 out of every 10 new UK businesses not surviving their first year, just the number of new startups was not deemed to be the main factor of results.

So the question moving forward is, will Brighton become the UK version of silicon valley?

Photo: St Martin In The Bullring Birmingham 


Source: Instant Offices - Most Entrepreneurial UK City 2017

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