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Multiple Job Board Advertising

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There are literally thousands of job boards out there, all offering their own usp packaged together with a special today only offer. Sometimes it can all get a little confusing but the undeniable truth is;

  • If you advertise a vacancy on multiple job boards then you guarantee yourself the best chance of finding candidates.
  • Recruiters & employers alike all trust in good faith that the job boards will deliver quality every time.
  • Job boards have the most extensive archives of CVs’ available online.
  • Regular television and social media campaigns guarantee job boards are the go to guys for over 80% of new job hunters.

So what if there was a way to access all of the best bits of each site without all the fuss? Well it took us a long time but we are finally able to offer a solution which drives quality candidate traffic your way. You are never more than a few clicks away from accessing a market of over 5 million active candidates, for 28 days straight on the most successful job boards on the internet. We look at every single job description and speak to our customers about improvements, bouncing ideas until we find the perfect blend.

The job boards we choose are selected based on their individual niches & audience reach, taking into consideration upcoming television, SEO, marketing & viral campaigns. Too many times before have we uncovered a gem from a little known specialist job board in a small area, limiting yourself to just one or two is a crime against your company and the talent you deserve. We aim to deliver at least 10 quality applications from our smallest package, utilizing the power of LinkedIn, Social Media & the UK’s leading job boards we fill our clients vacancies 98% of the time. 


Multiple Job Board Advertising
Starting from Free – £349

The old way to advertise a vacancy on many job boards was exhausting, you had to fill out multiple repetitive applications, copying and pasting the job description in and then dealing with endless account managers and customer service representatives.

” An SME isn’t going to pay 17% remuneration for an 18k salary, thats over £3000 in recruitment fees for one candidate “

Post a job on multiple job boards the the easy way with MyJobPost, we have filled over 1000 vacancies since our inception and saved our valued customers 1000s of pounds. We have been offering job board advertising to our loyal recruitment customers for over 5 years, only recently have we been able to roll out MyJobPost nationally and the response has been incredible.

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