Why Job Boards are Recruitment Gold Mines

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To find out why job boards are so successful, we first have to look at the people who use them. Unique one time job postings made up over 50% of all adverts posted on job boards in 2015, independent UK businesses of all sizes are successfully finding candidates using the internet. With easily over 1000 websites dedicated solely … Read More

Microsoft & LinkedIn, How Will Social Recruitment Change?

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What’s Next For Social Recruitment? LinkedIn isn’t the first company to be purchased by Microsoft, since 1987 they have acquired around 6 businesses every year with 9 of those having a purchase price exceeding 1 billion dollars but LinkedIn is unique. With a price of 26.2 billion dollars, it is by far the most expensive acquisition Microsoft has … Read More

The 10 Top UK Job Boards

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The 10 Top UK Job Boards .. In 2015 Indeed announced that almost 50% of their jobs remain open after 30 days. For companies who are seeking specialist employees this can have a severe financial impact, not to mention future earnings lost because their wasn’t a man ( or woman ) for the job. It causes an extra … Read More

Social Media Recruitment.

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What is Social Media Recruitment? What can you really judge from just a CV? You get a good idea of history, experience, attributes but in 2016 the really interesting one is Hobbies, if i had a £1 for every time i’ve read “enjoy socializing with friends” on a CV i would have an extremely heavy wallet. It’s not a bad thing to … Read More

Writing a Job Advertisement

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Get the most when writing a job advert .. Its fully understandable to expect candidates only to apply if they fully meet the criteria, but an employer would almost always reject a cv simply because it was too long and wasn’t specifically crafted for the application. Candidates can be overwhelmed too by long job advertisements, take a look … Read More

Can Moonlighting Hinder Job Opportunities?

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What is Moonlighting  According to the Cambridge dictionary the British business term ” moonlighting ” is defined as taking on additional work related to a normal job, without necessarily telling the employer. Personally i have seen many businesses come into fruition by moonlighting because when somebody builds a professional relationship with a company representative, it’s only natural for them … Read More

Using Snapchat for Recruitment

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History of Snapchat Recruitment If this article was posted 2 years ago, i don’t think many of you would read past this line. It’s actually happening though, with Snapchats’ user base growing every day its an ever increasing inevitability that your next job application could include a snap. Over 100 million active monthly users sending more daily selfies … Read More

BT Hiring 900 Staff to Boost Cyber Security

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BT are Recruiting British Telecom are about to embark on a 12 month recruitment drive to bolster online security, the move will see 170 new graduate and apprenticeship positions. Amidst recent criticisms and the recent breach of Talk Talk, BT are preempting future problems. This has lead to concern from customers who are now contacting BT asking how … Read More

Social Recruitment VS The Top Job Boards

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How Does Social Media Recruitment Compare Against The Job Boards? In a fast paced social society, more people are turning to each other to hunt new career opportunities. Where a simple opinion can be viewed on millions of screens around the world in a matter of seconds, can the recruitment industry capitalize on social media to finally overthrow … Read More

Wales Looks To Recruit Overseas For Nurses

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The top health experts in Wales are looking to start a heavy overseas recruitment drive in the Philippines due to staff nurse shortages. A report submitted to the Welsh health board states the region will look overseas to fill a shortage of nursing staff in mid 2016 The health board regularly visit job fairs, travelling all across the … Read More

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