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Positivity In The Workplace

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by Rebecca Wheeler

It’s common sense to want to employ people who want to work for you, as equally it’s common sense to apply for jobs you as an employee want to do. So why isn’t the power of positive reinforcement taking off in every company already? 

If  all companies actively made their workplace one that staff want to come to, while encouraging them to consciously use the power of mindfulness and positivity in order to do their jobs effectively, they will be adding their energy positive energy to others around them creating a hive of productive, positive workers who get the job done with a smile.

Understanding this and tailoring it to what your business needs is a lucrative move. Alexa Thompson writing for Forbes notes that a lot of experts in psychology advise in depth training and off site retreats first, then afterwards they recommend starting positivity projects. She also highlights that it doesn’t have to be a substantial investment of time or money to see results, simple day to day changes such as more regular “upbeat” meetings can add-up to much bigger benefits over longer periods of time.

Creating a better workplace doesn’t have to break the bank or be a grandiose gesture that gets your staff to feel good, it has to start in the day to day routine. 

Surveys Indicate Low Job Satisfaction Numbers. 

EMPLOYERS AND POSITIVITYIn an employee survey by Investors in People it was discovered that job satisfaction, or lack of, was the top explanation given for why an employee would want to switch roles. The survey also found a staggering 48% of participants admitted thinking they would be better suited working for someone else, and of those same individuals 40 %  cited job satisfaction was a bigger concern to them than pay. 30% said feeling valued by senior staff is one of the more important factors in how they perceive their current employment.

if you want to keep the staff, you have to select carefully while being thorough in the hiring process and be prepared to explain in depth the ethos of the company. It seems all an employee wants is to be treated well. Showing your valuable employees just how valuable they are can be done in many ways, get creative and watch that creativity flow back from them to you in their work.

Having to deal with negatives and stress multiple times a day can definitely pose a threat to a person’s psyche if they aren’t equipped to deal with it.

Having worked in many sales related jobs, my biggest problem as a young employee was the attitude of myself and sometimes others around me, once a ‘bad’ day had started it was so easy to slip into a ‘woe is me’ attitude and attract more and more ‘bad’ calls or deals. If one person let’s that negative attitude on a sales floor, it can literally spread like wildfire.

Management and employees alike have to be on the ball and put that fire out and replace it with a positive ’you can do this’ mentality, and it is up to the senior management to oversee that the environment that their company is developing in is one that enables growth and development for its staff.

The secret isn’t really a secret, its simple and it all lies in aligning yourself with what you want, which in time will attract what you need to continue growing, and in a business or life situation this is a win-win mindset.

Meditation, clean eating and exercise all amount to a healthy body which in turn equates to a healthy mind, it’s not ‘new age nonsense’ as some people will have you think, it’s fact. Successful morale raising schemes from some workplaces include; balanced breakfasts on site so everyone has the chance to start the day well, offering free or subsidised gym memberships, providing free and healthy snacks for break times, group meetings to communicate any problems and praise any achievements regularly throughout the week, and meditation classes.

It’s a nothing to lose concept, and there are 100’s of ways to bring a sense of well-being to your entire team, at the very least they will want to come to work in a morning, and at the most they will transform their own lives using the skills they learn from you, whilst simultaneously being successful employees. Everyone wins. This is a worthy change to make; happy people make productive people, and companies, employers and employees who promote and adopt healthy eating, mindfulness and active lifestyles are thriving in all fields, and that’s no coincidence.

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