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Plus Job Package


Let us work for you

Advertise your vacancy quickly and easily with My Job Post. With a few simple clicks, we have you live on the UK’s leading job boards for 28 days straight. Never has recruitment been easier or more cost effective, since multiple job board posting has become available more SME businesses are able to access the top talent without paying a hefty price tag.

What’s Included?

  • Instantly post to over 50 job boards
  • 49 day adverts
  • FREE ad optimization
  • FREE CV filtering
  • Online applicant tracking available
  • 15 candidates guaranteed
  • Automatic re post after 21 days
  • 2x Target Searches
  • unbranded ads

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Post a Job on Multiple Job Boards

Target Search will send every eligible CV

All of the candidates direct to you

Receive all the candidates direct or login to our user friendly system to manage your account online. Simply paste the Job Description on the order page and we begin working on not only posting an advert across the major job boards, we build a strong social campaign behind each and every position we recruit for.

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We have access to over 20 CV databases, giving us a revolutionary insight into the candidate market. With Premium Plus we place the advertisement, schedule a contact call to discuss specific requirements and or transferable skills. This significantly increases the scope of candidates available. Next your account manager will perform a target search to identify as many candidates as possible. In week three, we will discuss the overall performance & perform a final target search.

When it comes to posting an advert online, its imperative that as many eligible candidates as possible see that you are hiring. There are literally over 1000 job sites online so choosing where to post can be a real time waster & a serious hit on the budget. My Job Post streamline the process through years of thorough research. We have been trawling the internet posting adverts long before multiple job board advertising was available looking for an all in one solution & up until now it has been unavailable.

Create a partnership with us today and save over 70% on standard recruitment costs, we guarantee the exact same service as a recruitment company only no restrictions on the number of candidates you can hire, or any extra fees. Just a one time payment to become one of the companies who are succeeding with My Job Post.