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Recruiting Job Candidates, 5 Easy Ways

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The way companies are recruiting job candidates has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. With easier access to people thanks to social media, bigger job boards, faster technology and more employers turning to the internet to recruit. 

The pulling power from a job website is immense for candidates, with email & app notifications plus endless websites to choose from. Any person or company who earns a living recruiting candidates will use job boards or some online medium to deliver their service.

The internet offers much more than just a job post, with social media sites like Facebook currently holding profiles for over 20% of the worlds population. Posting an ad online isn't the only way to hire your next employee.

Take a look at the 5 most effective ways of recruiting job candidates online.

1 . Job Boards


There are in excess of 700 independent job sites available in the UK. Most of which offer a portal for both candidates and employers. It's easy to search for jobs by keyword, location or type and a built in application and notification system.

Candidates can upload their CV and be matched to current vacancies, email notifications and job description templates available on some sites. Easy candidate management as most boards have a customer portal & some sites distribute ads to multiple job boards.


The market is vast, meaning candidates can be loyal to one or two sites, expensive to post on multiple job sites if vacancies do not crop up often. Although posting on many sites at once alleviates all cons of posting on a few job boards only.

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job boards to recruit job candidates



online newspapers for recruiting job candidates


2. Online Classifieds


Newspapers can produce an array of quality candidates, they have quickly adapted to the internet by offering digital versions of their "job classified" section. An added boost of posting on a news website is their ability to pick up a large percentage of speculative candidates due to their huge reader base. Some sites also include ads in their paper publications & advertise vacancies throughout their sites.

Provide great local candidates, assuming you know which publications have more readers in certain area. Alternatively, national sites will give you full UK coverage.


Not many candidate management tools, templates or specialist advice. Some sites are tremendously expensive and few provide any form of candidate guarantees. Still a very useful outlet for recruiting job candidates locally.



downloadable job apps for recruiting job candidates


4. Job Apps


Sites such as Linkup offer new ways for candidates to interact with employers. For example on the Link Up app, candidates can search an array of hiring company sites at once. If interested in the vacancy, the app will send the candidate direct to your company apply page. Another benefit is mobile notifications and direct contact with the user base, instead of a traditional email notification system.

Other apps such as Pocket CV offer candidates many free tools to build their CV's, employers can also access these CV's and connect to potential candidates directly.


Relatively new and has not been adopted across the board. With such a huge range of performance among mobile devices, a lot of older devices cannot support the technology.

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