What is a Recruitment Advertising Agency?


What is a marketing recruitment advertising agency?

Up until recently Recruitment advertising agencies had not been a significant factor in the recruitment industry, nowadays companies can relax knowing they are not being charged high per candidate fess and every customer receives free CV filtering to simplify the process. We’re faced with the reality of high wages equaling high fees for candidates or a plunge into thousands of job boards each with their own spin on advertising. The industry has toyed with the idea of standalone recruitment marketing before but the basis of any recruitment “product” is advertising on the most reputable job boards in the hope of candidate applications.

A job advertising agency simply gives the opportunity to pay for advertising space on multiple job boards consecutively, 
There are no per candidate fees involved which is what separates companies like ourselves from the traditional recruitment model. 
When many companies collectively are doing this through one advertising agency such as us, thousands of companies save thousands of pounds. This makes it possible for all businesses no matter their size or staff levels to have the same exposure and more importantly, attract 
better quality candidates to fill job vacancies quickly.

” 99% of all agencies utilize job board advertising because sites like Total Jobs are still the go to places for candidates. When you look at Indeed, they are the recruiters’ equivalent of Google listing millions of jobs daily. Gone are the days of picking up the local newspaper on a Thursday night, rushing to the jobs section knowing pretty much everybody within a 10 mile radius is looking at the exact same thing.

We’re in a social age where the game is about demographics and analytics. “


  “Recruitment advertising agencies recognize that small to medium sized businesses don’t want to fork out thousands in recruitment agency fees, nor do they want to spend the whole week pasting job descriptions and dealing with a flood of sales calls. For a company who hires a few candidates per year it can become frustrating especially if the role requires specialist skills.

Make sure as many candidates as possible see your job advertisement as possible for little cost”

5 benefits of working with Recruitment Advertising Agencies



When a candidate is searching for a job, they usually use keywords. Either entered into Google, Indeed or any other job board to potentially find a hiring company. It’s imperative to include at least a few keywords which relate to the position you are hiring for. The area is important too, always be precise and include the exact area so candidates searching can easily find the advertisements. This is included in all of our packages and once we have spoken to you about the role, we can work together to create a keyword rich ad. It’s a simple but effective influence of application numbers.



We are so successful at recruiting because we understand the jobs we post, many companies before had not entertained the idea of “transferrable skills” what if a candidate has expertise which could be easily transferred and applied in a different role? Those speculative candidates would never find the advert because that’s not what they are looking for. It’s important that we have a conversation about every single job we post, if nobody really understands the role then we can all be sure the candidates won’t either. Sometimes positions get assigned to people within companies who don’t really know much about the position they are hiring for. When using us as your recruitment advertising agency, make sure you can convey the role to us properly so we can be sure to attract as much talent as possible. Once everybody understands the role fully & we’re all on the same page, interviews are certain to be booked.



Our applicant tracking system allows unprecedented control like never before, simply log in to our site and view the applications online, they arrive less than 1 second after the candidate applies. There is no need to worry about waiting for a recruiter to introduce you to a new candidate, receive notifications via email or download unlimited CV’s our in house software allows you to contact applicants quickly, easily and instantly.



Generally a prospecting candidate will spend some time rummaging around their favourite job sites, what’s interesting is they would apply on average for 3 jobs at a time. The company who comes in first gets the chance to make a first impression. When somebody applies for your job, you will be notified instantly no waiting for somebody to have the time to filter. Generally if a candidate is employed, they might only have one day assigned to go to an interview or they would be unavailable during most of the working day. When contacting be sure to leave as many contact doors open as possible, many people use their personal email to conduct personal business & during the daytime it might be their only method of contact. Always leave a name, number & email




What you see is what you get, all of the extra work we do for our clients is on the house. A recruitment advertising agency wants to make sure all aspects of the recruitment process are covered. Nobody should have their new job put at risk simply because the recruiters fee was higher, hire candidates based on their skills, attributes & interview flare. No longer should companies have to hire based on how much it’s going to cost. Our job is to make people click the apply button & fully understand your job.

Recruitment advertising agency rates

Typically job board advertising pricing is a bit of a cloak and dagger exercise, for a standard advertisement on say 4 of the “premium” job boards would cost in excess of £900, prices can rocket especially if companies have to re advertise the job. It’s one of the main reasons traditional recruitment became so popular. Now obviously this is commonplace in business, the more you buy, the longer you commit, the less you pay. The beauty of a simple recruitment advertising agency like ourselves is the power in numbers, It’s amazing how more and more companies are signing up to the idea of an easy candidate yielding solution, where the industry isn’t dominated by recruitment consultant targets.

By recruiting in this way, companies are not only advertising in the most cost efficient way, they are being represented by a company where every customer is on a level playing field. By this i mean if i was a consultant and i had 10 vacancies i was trying to fill, if only two were worth more than £6000 towards my target, naturally i would gravitate towards trying to find candidates for the “higher fee” vacancies. Now this isn’t something which is spoke of much, but in a target driven world it is a grim reality where results are everything and cash is king.

Everybody has a bias for their own companies and ideas but we’re built by recruiters, we know what the agencies do on a day to day basis to find candidates. Generally smaller businesses are out priced and therefore cannot be serviced. Priority then goes to the companies which have the best fee percentages agreed.

What’s On Offer?

Our lowest recruitment marketing package is priced at £149, reasonable considering job descriptions are being shown across the best performing job websites in the whole of the UK. Branded adverts are £349 which includes all of your details, colours, logo & branding. We work the hardest on the adverts with the lowest applications, in our terms & conditions we promise to go the extra mile to ensure quality high application numbers. Take a look at our recruitment advertising packages below;


.. Online Recruitment Advertising ..



Posts a job vacancy across over 50 job boards for 28 days, free CV filtering is available for customers who do not have time for filtering. The filtering process is mostly automatic narrowing down candidates based on certain criteria such as area & skills. This is optional. Customers can also log in to their customer area and view or download CVs. Customers are notified via email every time a candidate applies. Free re run if applications are lower than ten.

PRICE – £149

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Posts adverts across over 50 job boards for 28 days, we perform two target searches during the 28 days, this is a service for businesses who need candidates quickly. We deal with the entire filtering process in house which is mostly automated as the criteria would have been narrowed down by our software already. Again, this is optional. If we do not supply 10 quality candidates we rerun the ads again free of charge. Customers can log in, view applications online & download CV’S.


PRICE – £249

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Customer name and contact details are included in adverts along with company logo for 28 days across the same job boards. Also includes own page with colour coding on each job board which allows us to do so. We perform up to 4 Target Searches during this period. Customers can log in online and view & download applications, they also receive optional free CV filtering and email notifications. Free re advertisement as above if at least 15 candidates don’t apply.

PRICE – £349

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Why  is Recruitment Advertising a Good Choice For Small Businesses?

Our foundations are forged because of our relationships with the advertisers we work with. Although every single job is placed across our recruiter network, we have 53 specialist job agencies which only advertise industry specific vacancies. We have found through posting 1000’s of jobs, industry specific job boards work really well. We build these strong relationships so you don’t have to. See our Job Advertisers page for a full list of the specialist job boards we work with.

By using our My Job Post branding, companies receive 0 sales calls An extra benefit of recruitment advertising is the ability to hide behind branding, if you post a job online and include direct contact details, chances are a sales call will be the first one you receive. Considering recruiters sell this as one of their main benefits, it seems ironic that cold calling is a main method of winning new business. Don’t worry about countless spam emails either, the only time anybody will contact you is when an application comes in.

The world is still shifting to online & we want to remain at the forefront of online recruitment advertising. We are the complete opposite to a standard recruitment agency because we focus on the customers whose applications are low. We feel focusing too much on candidate percentages has made us forget what the whole industry is about. Every single agency is successful when they do two things;

1. Advertise in the best places possible online or offline

 2.Contact hiring companies and agree candidate percentage terms

Recruitment advertising agencies have one goal in mind, filling vacancies. To a new customer we are appealing because of our ” package deal reputation ” leave out the hassle of endless recruiter or sales calls with complete anonymity. If this is your first time hiring, choosing the right places to advertise can seem a very daunting task. Each website has their own special offers with limited time deals & everybody’s a salesman. Never has it been easier to post on multiple job boards in just a couple if clicks, even if you don’t have a job description at hand, one of our helpful recruitment advisors can help you create one. Better still free job description and optimization is included in every single one of our recruitment advertising packages.

Save time & money spent on design

It’s took a lot of time to create a software which is compatible with many websites at once. Ever had a problem uploading logos & having to constantly edit & resize images? All banding and content is included in our branded advertising package so don’t worry about having to create custom graphics. We have an in house design team dedicated to creating graphics and designs for our customers. We know that not everybody has an in house design team, so let us do it for you.

We can can handle volume

Our content management system allows everybody to manage their accounts online, CV’s are divided up based on vacancies & multiple logins are available for recruiter accounts. We’re currently working with a number of smaller recruitment agencies who have a number of logins to our site & have credits loaded onto their accounts on a monthly basis. The service is completely optional for volume recruiters who post more than 5 adverts in one 28 day period. Be sure to speak to us about this if you are planning on posting ore than one advert as it works out even cheaper in the long run!

pick all of the job boards with recruitment marketingdont pick the wrong recruitment advertisers

An advertising agency built by recruiters

Our fresh approach to recruitment has been changing the way companies hire for nearly two years, we currently have way over 1000 confirmed filled vacancies on our books and the number is increasing daily. The reason we know this is because interaction is key, by communicating candidate contact to us we can both build a great understanding of the types of candidates who are applying. A personal recruiter is assigned to every single advert we post online, this is to ensure each campaign is running at maximum performance. Our recruiters spend all day checking accounts, checking the quality of filtered candidates & speaking to our new and existing customers. Come and join our team & build a partnership with My Job Post.

10 applications guaranteed with every recruitment advertising package

It’s here & in writing. We are so confident in our ability to fill vacancies, any company who does not have over 10 applications during the advertising period, we will post the adverts again for no charge whatsoever. It;s our promise to every single customer who uses any of our products. It’s how we keep our 96% fill rate in tact.