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Recruitment Agency Fees

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How Much Is Recruitment?

The cost of a recruitment agency varies, the standard operating procedure for the average recruiter is between 9% – 20% of the prospecting candidates annual salary. The recruitment agency fee usually is negotiable and the service normally includes posting a job advertisement to their chosen job boards, searching both in house and job board candidate databases, basic screening of each candidate to match required experience / skills via e-mail or telephone. Once the company accepts the candidate(s) credentials, they would then be invited for an interview by the hiring company. 


Once the candidate has been accepted & given a start date, the recruitment agency fee is paid to the recruitment agency on a per candidate basis

Recruitment Agency Fee
Based on average recruitment agency fees


What if the candidate leaves?

Each recruitment agency will have their own terms & conditions however the usual grace period after placement is around 13 weeks. If the successful candidate leaves the company within this period then you should expect a full search for a new candidate at no charge, also if after 28 days the company is unsuccessful in finding a new candidate then the recruitment agency fee is normally refunded in part or in full.



What if i’m hiring more than one candidate?

The recruitment agency fee will usually be less for a second or third candidate if the agency can search candidates from the existing pool of applicants or you are looking for more than one candidate for the same position. Recruitment agency fees are almost exclusively on a per candidate basis.


Recruitment agencies fee

Our Recruitment Fees

We don’t charge on a per candidate basis so for us recruitment agency fees wouldn’t be the correct term. We provide the exact same advertising service as a recruitment company, posting across multiple job boards and so on however we do not limit our customers to the number of CV’s they receive. With My Job Post we simply charge for the advertisement, nothing else.

Just paste the job description and you will be live for 28 days across the most extensive network of candidates available in the UK, we search the databases just like recruitment agencies but do not charge extortionate prices for the service.

We guarantee to fill your vacancy within 28 days or you can have an advert re run for FREE for a further 28 days.

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