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The 10 Top UK Job Boards

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top 10 uk job boards

The 10 Top UK Job Boards ..

In 2015 Indeed announced that almost 50% of their jobs remain open after 30 days. For companies who are seeking specialist employees this can have a severe financial impact, not to mention future earnings lost because their wasn’t a man ( or woman ) for the job. It causes an extra stress on existing staff who would have to pick up the workload or worse still, product delivery might not be possible at all. 27% of those same positions remain open after 3 months meaning that over 1 in four hiring companies in the UK cannot find suitable candidates.

The problem lies with candidate preference & employer choice, if an advert is placed solely on Monster then only candidates who are using Monster within the job adverts lifespan will see it. In the UK recruiters swear by job boards with over 84% saying they use paid job posting sites to recruit. We have compiled some interesting facts and figures about the top performing 10 job boards in the UK.

10. Career Builder

Originally created in 1995 by Robert J Mcgovern, Career Builder’s original name was netstart, now 21 years old the company boasts over 2500 employees worldwide. Operating in over 20 countries CareerBuilder has it’s largest user base in the USA. Their headquarters is in Chicago Illinois.

9. Glass Door

Started operations in 2007, originally as a place where real employees could review their previous or current employers. Users could give a true insight into what work life at any given company was like. Now employers can access 30 million users from 190 countries which makes Glass Door a top 10 uk job board.

8. Universal Jobmatch

A British Government job board famously known for it’s advertisement of “colourful” job opportunities such as mafia hitmen and adult entertainers. Originally sculpted by monster the cost of creating the website is known to be around £17 million. The site is mainly used by the DWP to track applications from people who recieve job seekers allowance & almost 97% of the jobs advertised come from recruitment agencies, the other 3% is employers direct.

7. Gumtree

Created in March 2000 by Simon Crookall and Simon Pennington, a sort of social media platform where users from certain areas such as South Africa could familiarize themselves with the local area, make new connections, seek housing & find employment. In may of 2005 Gumtree was purchased by E-bay classifieds for an unknown sum. You can find mostly employers on Gumtree which has become a wonderful platform for candidates looking for local jobs.

6. Indeed

Originally founded in 2005 by Rony Kahan & Paul Forster Indeed’s influence spans across 50 continents and is available in 28 languages, known as the job search engine of job search engines, Indeed indexes vacancies by crawling and listing job advertisements from thousands of websites, they have by far the highest number of jobs listed in any one place.

Because of the sheer number of jobs available at any one time, Indeed introduced a “pay per click” system in 2005 which is still to this day their main form of revenue, employers bid for the top positions and are charged on a “pence or pound per click” basis.

The Top 5 UK Job boards

5. Jobsite

Owned by DMG media, Jobsite is part of a huge network of newspapers and online publishers in the UK. They boast that almost a quarter of all active candidates us their website exclusively and they have coverage reaching over 60% of the UK population.

They have a range of local publications which can be utilized when advertising with them, some might say it’s an old fashioned approach but with a presence in the Netherlands, France & the Caribbean. Jobsite certainly are in contention to be a top job board for many years to come.

4. Monster

With most of their traffic coming from the USA, offices in over 35 different countries, Monster Worldwide Inc is certainly a major player on the job board scene. Launched by the merger of two websites in 1999 Monster took a while to get off the ground but has reveled in continuous growth ever since it’s success.

Founded by the “Chief Monster” Jeff Taylor who graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, is recognized as a leader in changing the perception of a job seeker and in 1999 Monster.com was only the 454th domain to be registered on the internet, ever. Taylor left in 2005 and now Monster UK has over 1 million active job advertisements at any one time as of 2015.

3. Total Jobs

The TotalJobs Group is a collective of online job boards which include, Retail Choice, Career Structure, CW Jobs & Caterer.com. Launched in 1999 by Reed Elsevier the London based company currently employs over 400 people in the UK. As of April 2012 the Total Jobs group is owned by StepStone in a deal that was reportedly worth £110 million.

With over 6 million unique monthly visitors and well in excess of 2 million job applications monthly, TotalJobs.co.uk is pretty much the go to website for recruiters, employers and candidates alike. in 2014 they launched a job seekers app which makes applying for a job quicker and easier for candidates, this has substantially contributed to their growth and reputation as a top UK job board.

2. CV Library

With their headquarters based in Hampshire, this company is hailed as one of the original top job boards, CV Library was created in October 2000 using 9 thousand pounds in personal savings from the co-founders Brian Wakem & Lee Biggins. as of 2016 they now have over 10 million registered CV’s on their site and a high profile status ranking in the top 250 UK visited websites. CV Library have a very solid business model in terms of competitive advert pricing & a large number of varied opportunities for job seekers and employers alike. As of March 2015 they are the second most visited jobs website behind Reed, cruising past Total Jobs who held the number 2 spot for the last 5 years.

For the first time ever in 2011, CV library launched functionality for budding job seekers to apply for new jobs on mobile devices. Only to be outdone by themselves in 2012 by being the first job board to be fully cloud storage integrated. Their next launch was in 2015 when Resume Library was created, this site is exactly the same as the UK version working on the same principles.

1. Reed

The oldest and most sacred of all UK employment agencies, Reed was born in 1960 by a man named Sir Alec Reed who received his knighthood in 2011 for outstanding contributions towards charitable causes and overall business development. A family business known as the original “recruitment agency” by almost everybody. With a presence in a staggering 163 countries, Reed has over 400 offices with around 3000 employees. Reed.co.uk is part of a quadruple of business arms including job seeker learning and post graduate programs, full recruitment and job advertising.

The reed foundation to date has raised in excess of 50 million pounds for charity & the companies ethos is promoted by Sir Reeds’ son who is currently the CEO of the company. Still going strong throughout two recessions Reed always give back to charitable causes which for this reason alone makes them the number 1 ranked employment website according to Alexa.

Reed.co.uk was created in 1995, and holds the title of being the very first job website ever. Continued growth has led Reed to over 4 million job applications per month and over 13,000 active recruitment agencies holding over 7 million CV’s in their database as of 2015.

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