Why Use us?

We Are Recruiters First

My Job Post is an agency of recruiters meaning our staff know how the placement process works. Ensuring a steady flow of quality candidates while your ads are live.

Job Adverts from My Job Post are posted on the same job sites used by recruiters, meaning just because the price is cheaper, there is no loss in quality of candidates.

Minimum Candidate Guarantees

Our premium £149 package guarantees a minimum of 10 quality candidates. We have incentives for filling vacancies, not posting adverts.

If the minimum number of candidates don't apply, then we post the ads again for free. We guarantee quality candidates.

Creative Job Descriptions

Some companies don't have a HR department, so let us deal with the job description creation and optimisation. Included in all ad packages.

An informative job description is key to attracting good candidates, My Job Post have posted thousands of jobs online.

Candidate Filtering

We ensure you don't receive any unwanted applications by filtering candidates based on your predetermined criteria this is included as an optional extra in each job advertising package

My Job Post filter out unwanted candidates who do not fit the criteria of your vacancy. You can also choose to be notified instantly when someone applies

Who Is My Job Post?My Job Post Logo

My Job Post is a job board advertising agency committed to ensuring the delivery of quality candidates. This model is the foundation on which our business is built on. With access to the internet being a huge factor in completely reshaping the recruitment industry along with many others, It's our aim to allow businesses of all sizes to have access to the same candidates ensuring talent is employed based on talent, not recruiter fees.

Instead of charging per applicant or wasting hours posting on endless job sites, why not just pay for the advertising and resources with a guarantee of a minimum number of candidates? 

There is no doubt in anybody's mind, job boards are the number one place to source candidates online and My Job Post provide the most expansive, cost effective, job advertising platform available today delivered by an expert team of recruiters who have decades of experience in the industry. We post in the same places as recruitment agencies and employ a team of recruiters, not salespeople. This ensures that each and every one of our customers can benefit from the recruiter experience, but at a much cheaper rate.